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Your Views: There still are good people around
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It is good to know there are still good and honest people around. When my husband got off work last Thursday at midnight, he stopped by the Wal-Mart in Oakwood to pick up milk. Being tired, he left his wallet behind. He didn’t notice until he woke up on Friday that it was missing.

He called Wal-Mart and sure enough, someone found it and had turned it in. He went back over there to retrieve it. He examined it and found everything still in it untouched. I called our bank to make sure no one tried to use our credit card or our debit card. No one had.

He said he wished he knew who found it and turned it in. We would like so much to say thank you for your kindness. We believe God will truly bless you for your good deed and we promise to "pay it forward."

In this day and time when it seems you have to lock all your belongings up and watch your back everywhere you go, such a good deed makes you know there is still hope for the future. Thank you, whoever you are.

Beverly Brumbalow

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