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Your Views: There also are many deserters here at home
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It looks increasingly likely that Bowe Bergdahl is a deserter. He is not the only one; let me explain.

We have elections to select those who would represent us in our states’ and nation’s capitols. We pay their salaries and expect them to do our bidding and uphold their oath to abide by our Constitution.

Those, and there are many, who have forsaken their responsibilities, for whatever the reason, are deserters. They have deserted the people that they work for to pursue another agenda that usually includes more money and power. They become intoxicated by this wealth and power and begin to believe that they have the right to elevate themselves to the status of the political elite and are empowered in the task of keeping the masses in their place, accepting what we’re allowed to have according to their vision of how America should be, not how it was founded.

Whether it is at the national, state or local level, we have egomaniacs ruling roughshod over us at will. Political campaigning is in full swing right now and I am listening to all of these promises. When a soldier deserts our military, they are tried, and if convicted, punished accordingly. This practice needs to be applied to our political deserters as well.

The punishment? If crimes were committed, appropriate imprisonment should be applied. At the very least, all retirement money should be rescinded and restitution paid to the people they were supposed to be working for.

The current Senate and House classes have failed us miserably because they are intimidated by the federal government. Do these people not know our U.S. Constitution? Perhaps as a prerequisite for running for political office, every candidate should take a basic course in the Constitution.

We will again be heading to the polls soon; let’s choose wisely.

Jim Gorman

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