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Your Views: Tax hikes on lake properties raises concerns
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Trepidation would be a good word to describe my feeling following the reading of “Lake dwellers should brace for higher property values” in The Times (Sunday). Perhaps I overreacted to what I perceived was a slight adversarial tone in the article presented by the author and chief appraiser or just my recent elevated lack of trust in government.

In either case, my angst is driven by the knowledge that several lake houses and lake lots in our subdivision have been on and off the market by the same owners for six-plus years. Numerous other houses and properties have been on and off the market for four years or more and the last house to sell was over two years ago. I wonder how adequate values can be fairly established in the stagnant sales period we are experiencing.

Adding to my sense of trepidation is the news that, in addition to probable escalating taxing authority evaluations, we are now being taxed on boat docks. This is a tough spot for retired people. Knowing Forsyth County grants total school tax exemptions at 65 years of age vs. 70 for Hall County raises additional concerns.

I saw firsthand the dramatic leadership turnover in Fulton County as a result of a taxpayer revolt in the 1990s. I hope the appraisal process will be fair in Hall County, lest history repeat itself.

Wallace Cooper

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