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Your Views: T-SPLOST will enhance health access, boost local economy
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I am supportive of the proposed one-penny transportation tax known as T-SPLOST for many reasons. But as a physician, I have a personal insight into its potential to positively impact access to health care for patients throughout Northeast Georgia.

In my ophthalmology practice, we operate seven clinics in addition to our main Gainesville office, where eye surgeries are performed. The $1.26 billion list of road projects to be funded by T-SPLOST would greatly enhance our ability to serve patients throughout the Georgia Mountains region and even into North Carolina. This impact is multiplied many times over when you consider the hundreds of other physicians as well as the Northeast Georgia Medical Center based here in Gainesville.

As everyone knows, the health care industry here has been a key economic driver for our community, especially during the recent recession. In my view, T-SPLOST will only help us continue to build and strengthen our position as a leading regional health care center while enhancing economic development and quality of life for all residents of Gainesville and Northeast Georgia.

Jack M. Chapman Jr., M.D.