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Your Views: System to elect mayor could help Gainesville grow
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My expressed opinion from a recent newspaper article in The Times concerning the at-large voting process claim versus elected mayor and city form of government:

I ascribed to the school of thought that an elected mayor-council form of city government is the soil of opportunity and the seed of growth. In order for government to grow and thrive, it must be inclusive of all its residents born or adopted through migration within its boundary, for each seed brings forth an abundance unless it’s stopped, stifled or choked out.

Furthermore, an elected mayor and council (ward) government provides a greater opportunity for generations to come. Under this present form of council, it is perceived, if not factual, that the seed of opportunity is choked out not by the lack of participation or a voice not being heard, but rather the fear of growth.

To overcome the fear, the sower must open its mind to see the possibility of the greater good that can be grown out of adversity. At-large style government is the farmer seeking to grow his or her garden for increase but does not reach its fullest production due to noncultivation of all its resources.

Hence, the sower scatters seeds in the garden in which some fall along the path; some seeds fall on rocky places, other seeds fall among thorns, still more seeds fall on good soil. But the sower extends an invitation to each seed the opportunity to share its fruit. If the ground refuses to be fruitful, one thing can’t be denied that it was given the opportunity to make a contribution in society.

The smallest seed is a mustard seed, and in the soil of life, it is the minority. Like the mustard seed, it is strong and adds distinct flavor to any place setting. Therefore, people are to be valued for who they are what they bring to the table, for they bring new and fresh ideas to life that promote growth.

To me, the best form of government is the elected mayor-council form of government, which lends itself to opportunity for growth from all its residents. Thus, I’m in favor of an elected mayor-council (ward) form of government that is the soil of opportunity and the seed of growth.

The city of Gainesville does a good job in governing its residences but could do a far better job if drawn from the new seeds of opportunity of all within its boundary through an elected mayor-council form of government.

The Rev. Evelyn Johnson

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