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Your Views: SPLOST oversight panel will help transparency, accountability
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Recently the Hall County Board of Commissioners and local municipalities have created their wish lists for the upcoming SPLOST VII which comes to a countywide vote on March 17.

At a time when public trust in governmental handling of tax dollars is eroding, it was nice to hear that Hall County and the city of Gainesville can agree on the creation of a citizen oversight committee should tax referendum pass in March.

The oversight committee would be composed of citizens appointed by the Board of Commissioners and City Councils who would meet quarterly to review the status of projects, revenues and expenditures and act as community liaisons. The proposed tax is expected to generate $158,000 million over the course of six years.

In the future, SPLOST oversight committees be mandatory for both education and capital infrastructure SPLOSTs. Thank you, elected officials, for making the effort to provide accountability and transparency.

Mark Pettitt
Chestnut Mountain


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