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Your Views: Some side with the rich though others have sacrificed so much
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I cannot understand why anyone would vote for the Republican Party nominees because they trust in their money, and they don’t care for people who don’t have money. They clearly stated that 47 percent of the population was not profitable or any good. For America, is this the word of God or Christ Jesus? No.

The word of God clearly states Jesus talking to the rich man telling him to give up his trust in riches and give to the poor. The rich man was very upset and went away sad, and Jesus said it will be hard for rich people to enter into heaven as long as they trust in riches.

I am a veteran of the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force, and I know that more than a large portion of blacks served and died for this country. Even here in Gainesville, a high percentage of blacks died. I also know that blacks have helped build this country although they were denied equal rights. We are the first to die from crimes, from speaking up, from working the dangerous jobs, have been discriminated against because the color of our skin, discredited for our services, good or bad.

When you go to the largest veterans hospital in Decatur, about 60 percent of the people are black and trying to get help with Medicare, and 80 percent are black and trying to get benefits in the offices in Decatur because they are being denied. I have been denied benefits for 40 years.

David Lee Ivey

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