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Your Views: Sales tax will allow Hall County to widen Spout Springs Road
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For many reasons, I am very much in favor of continuing the Hall County special purpose local option tax for another five years. But probably the biggest reason is that it would accomplish long overdue improvements for Spout Springs Road in my Flowery Branch community.

SPLOST will leverage millions of dollars in state and federal highway monies to allow widening of Spout Springs, and boy, is it ever needed. Spout Springs Road is on its last legs of handling vehicle traffic, and it’s only going to get worse if we don’t do something soon.

The housing industry has returned to South Hall and more growth is on the way. Having said that, safety and traffic congestion are the primary concerns for all South Hall residents. Spout Springs Road is the primary corridor for major bus routes serving Flowery Branch High, Spout Springs Elementary, Davis and South Hall Middle. Its widening is critical to improving safety for our children.

Our children are reason enough, but the widening project is also needed for work commuters accessing this roadway every day as well as for the residents of South Hall relying on the new hospital for easier access to health care.

I urge my South Hall neighbors, and the rest of Hall County, to support SPLOST by voting “yes.” This is our best chance at improving traffic safety in our growing community.

Jay D. Cooper
Flowery Branch

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