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Your Views: Runaway federal power is what is wrong with US
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Alan Shope in Oakwood wrote in his letter Friday, "The problem is no one knows for sure what is best." He was referring to the political climate in the U.S. right now.

Dear Mr. Shope, I am delighted to inform you, and possibly other unaware readers, that there is a very large but relatively quiet group of Americans who absolutely do know for sure what is best for America: It is that the United States Senate, House of Representatives and executive branch, which includes the president, should simply follow the U.S. Constitution as they conduct the "business" of government.

What the federal government has been doing, increasingly for many years, is grossly ignoring the Constitution and consequently taking freedom and power away from us equal citizens, keeping it for themselves and those who give them money.

If you'd like to learn more about the freedoms we are losing by the day and how we can change the incoming tide of poverty and servitude, please simply Google "Tea Party" or go to Or, contact our own Lanier Tea Party at

Is your life better or worse now, than it was under Bill Clinton or George Bush? See you at the polls in November.

Rick Frommer

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