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Your Views: Riverside Military Academy is a huge plus for our community
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I have worked with Riverside Military Academy on numerous projects over the last 45-plus years.

Riverside Military Academy has contributed to the area’s well-being in excess of 100 years and has never been given the credit it deserves. It has always provided the use of its facilities for any worthwhile community project and economically has been a life blood for us. The beautiful campus covers many acres near and on the lake.

Messrs. Beaver(s), May, Curtis, McGinnis, Nichols, Jarrard, Bisso and Downs, along with many others, have led the school through the years.

There are too many distinguished alumni to mention in this short piece. The recession has not been kind to RMA but it, like others that were hurt, is making a good recovery. They also have more students at West Point than any other high school in the country. Next time you see an officer, student or teacher, thank him or her for what they mean to Hall County.

Jack Bell

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