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Your Views: Retiring teachers shouldnt get first crack at open positions
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The economy is in bad shape, a lot of people are unemployed and help is needed for them to find jobs in which they are prepared. I noticed that many teachers are considering retiring this year in Hall County since the retirement system is making a change in policy (The Times, April 26) for future retirees.

It looks like an opportunity for some of the many qualified teachers that have been looking for work to have a chance to apply and, hopefully, be employed. But in the same section, it was stated that some of the retirees may be rehired part time by the school system. That means two retirees can fill up a slot that is needed by someone desperately looking for a position.

I feel that when one retires, they give up their position, which opens it up for someone else qualified to fill. Going back half time in the same job doesn’t seem like retirement since the retiree is receiving full retirement benefits, plus half pay in the same field of work.

Superintendents, principals and hiring czars, please remember the beginning of your career as you were searching for a position. Someone ultimately helped you begin your career. Why don’t you do the same and make these openings available for others who are qualified and in need of work? Those leaving will then have the time to really enjoy their retirement.

E.G. Taylor