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Your Views: Public open carry needs to keep everyones safety in mind
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When I read the open carry law, I didn’t realize what an effect it would have on me. We were in a fast-food restaurant and I saw a daddy with three small children. On his hip was a large-caliber semi-automatic pistol in a quick-draw holster.

I have been around guns all my life, and this made me feel somewhat uncomfortable. He was sitting with his back to the other patrons. His gun was unguarded; anyone could have pulled it out of the holster, and that is what made me feel threatened. I suggest if anyone wants to display their weapon, at least sit with your back to the wall where your gun will not be accessible to all who enter.

Now then, as we pray for the families of the lawmen who were gunned down over the weekend in California, we must believe that all who wear the uniform or the gun on their hip are targets. When you go the open carry routine, you are not doing your job as backup to the law enforcement officers. By that, I mean if you carry your concealed weapon concealed, you have the upper hand and the element of surprise, which is half the battle no matter what kind of a fight in which you are engaged.

Be proud to carry, but I prefer to keep mine hidden and with that in mind we all might be safer. May God bless America.

Roger Keebaugh

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