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Your Views: Public media doesnt provide the whole truth
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First I would like to thank our newspaper because it seems reasonably well balanced. Among others, they offer Roberts and King for a liberal view and Sowell and Krauthammer for a conservative view of our country.

Our country is really in financial trouble. Most media is biased and in my opinion, that is the single biggest reason we are in such bad financial shape. If they focused on what is really happening and who is doing it, I am convinced our government would “fix itself.”

NPR has some interesting news but considering they are partially supported by our tax dollars, I am disappointed in their liberal bias. Out of fairness, I only listen a couple of hours a day as I commute to work so I don’t hear nearly all they present. Also, they sometimes present the conservative side of issues but frequently in a negative light.

From my listening, NPR does a great job of presenting all of the problems people are having but do a poor job presenting just how bad of a shape our country is in financially and that our government — both parties — is the major cause of most of our problems. They often talk about what the Dems are doing to help people but never point out that we will go broke if they do all they want to do.

They reported that the GOP is pushing SS and Medicare over the cliff when the Dems refusing to reform them are really the ones pushing us seniors over the cliff. Both programs are unsustainable as they are.

NPR has often aired President Barack Obama saying that we can’t cut our way out of this financial mess but I don’t recall them mentioning that we can’t tax our way out of it either. NPR regularly reports that the GOP is blocking something but I have never heard them report that the Dems are equally blocking GOP proposals.

NPR seems to focus on any issue more than the one that can really bring our country down: our federal debt. If you listen to NPR, I hope you will contact them and ask them to better report the real shape our country is in and how our government is making it worse.

Mike McConnell


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