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Your Views: President's policies make people more reliant on government
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My comment to The White House and president is that I didn’t vote for him, but I agreed to support him because only fools would want their president to fail. However, over time I’ve come to the conclusion that I can no longer support him, for I do not believe in his actions and policies.

I understand the game: Protect the union teachers and ruin the educational system, at the same time making our children less informed and educated. That makes them less equipped to find a job matching their education and skill set, forcing them to become slaves of the government through entitlements.

This preys on the only thing remaining: their emotions. It is shameful but what does evil do? Prey on the weak.
Government entitlements define a person’s worth. An education and skill set define a person’s worth when applying for a job. Political survival is contingent on their ignorance. Without the low-information voters and those who strictly voted based on race, he would have never been elected president, for he had only earned a living off of the backs of others, as he is doing today.

I support the government shutdown because I’m tired of the government stealing hard-earned money from We the People through the means of taxes and regulations, as well as its lawlessness. I call upon the president to negotiate or resign, one or the other. It’s that simple. He has caused more harm and divided the people more than any other president before him. Unfortunately, I believe he takes great pride in this accomplishment.

Sherri Holcombe

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