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Your Views: President has failed to lead, fulfill promises
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Mr. President: A lot of us aren’t as foolish as the people who re-elected you. It’s outrageous that you’ve been given a second term considering your abysmal record. Here are just a few examples:

You told us your administration would be “transparent,” but you had your college records sealed, issued an executive order to impede the investigation of the Fast and Furious scandal and covered up the Benghazi, Libya, raid lest it harm your re-election.

You criticized President George W. Bush for running up the national debt, but you added a staggering $5 trillion in less than four years to top an unprecedented $16 trillion.

You repeatedly blamed your predecessor for the nation’s economic woes, but real leaders solve problems.

You talked about reforming the major entitlement programs, but you’ve done nothing to ensure that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid will be solvent.

You pledged to work in a bipartisan way with the Congress, but your priorities are playing golf, campaigning and hobnobbing with celebrities.

You expected to unite the nation, but you’ve been the most divisive president in American history with your class warfare hogwash.

You conned many voters with “Hope & Change” and “Forward,” but millions of unemployed Americans aren’t very hopeful, your changes are leading us to greater government dependency and we’re going backward with your socialistic world view.

You rammed through your national health care bill, but this massive entitlement program is unpopular, unaffordable, unsustainable and should be unconstitutional.

You talked relentlessly about creating jobs (does “shovel-ready” ring a bell?), but unemployment remained above 8 percent throughout your first term.

You said the “economy is doing fine” and “you didn’t build that” (a business), but we’re in the worst economic decline since the Great Depression.

You supported traditional marriage during your first campaign but then said your thinking was “evolving” before endorsing gay “marriage” during your second campaign.

You called the Fort Hood massacre “workplace violence” instead of Islamic terrorism, but you bragged often about killing Osama Bin Laden, the most notorious Islamic terrorist.

You emphasized why the rich should “pay a little more,” but this additional revenue would just be redistributed to people who irreverently call you “Savior.”

You mentioned occasionally that you’re a Christian, but you’ve done everything possible to promote abortion and infringe on the religious liberty of faith-based groups.

Most alarmingly, you have a hypocritical penchant for saying one thing and doing another. In 2009, you said, “I’ll be held accountable. If I don’t get this done (fixing the economy), then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.” We’re now stuck with four more years of political double talk because you can’t lead a horse to water.

Our founding fathers would be appalled. Alas, our nation is headed down the same path that Greece and other nations have followed to economic doom. And you could care less!

Dick Biggs

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