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Your Views: Prayers foes spark outrage, then a blessing
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The flak over folks praying at Chestatee High School is one of those good news/bad news situations.

First, the bad news: America has strayed from its roots as a free United States and our beloved country has left behind the vision held by the forefathers. The brave men who drafted the Constitution of the United States prayed for guidance as they forged the document that would give direction to this land we call America.

Literature used in early classrooms freely talked about God, prayer and the Bible. Our forefathers would be appalled to hear that a group called the American Humanist Association was attempting to use the Constitution of the United States to ban the use of scriptures and forbid volunteer prayer in school. Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson certainly understood that a group of people praying together and sharing meaningful scripture was a good thing.

The good news is that people in Hall County are standing up for their right to pray and worship as they see fit. The morning meetings at Chestatee High School before the school day held by parents and students has been an encouragement. Coaches who share with their players the wisdom found in the Bible should be applauded. These men are imparting principles to live by, ideals that will help students to grow into good employees, responsible family and community members and law-abiding citizens.

As a taxpayer, I want the schools I support to offer a complete education that teaches students how to learn, how to live and yes, how to die. A well-rounded education should include a study of the classics, including the best-selling classic of all times: The Holy Bible. Let’s pray that God will stop the efforts of this self-centered, Godless organization to establish their religion in our schools.

Mike Hall
Flowery Branch

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