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Your Views: Polarized society complicates our nations leadership
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When the housing market spiraled out of control and all those Americans that were associated in some facet started losing jobs, who really cared? When home improvement stores as well as others stopped producing tax revenue due to a housing crises who really cared? As revenue dropped and it became impossible to balance our local, state and federal budgets, so we froze hiring, furloughed employees and cut services, who cared? When our government and its elected officials could not come to terms to right the ship and they closed federal run agencies, who cared?

While reading articles, I have noticed the word “polarized” used more often. This is just a fancy word for “us against them.” Today, for every American who thinks passionately about an issue, an almost equal number are passionately against it. Everything from a relaxing day of watching our kids play Little League baseball to world affairs has become exceedingly complicated.

Even our Declaration of Independence is being used against us in legal realms to gain whatever cause suits whatever outcome. We make decisions on all levels that are at best gray instead of a cut black or white decision. I could almost bet that of those who read this article, half will think I have made some good points while others think I’m one step closer to being declared incompetent and my voting right banded for life.

I am convinced that with a top-notch Boston lawyer on retainer, you can get almost anything perceived as the truth. My father who is in his 80s has used this line often: “I only believe about 80 percent of what I hear, 40 percent of what I see and 20 percent of what I say.”

As a nation we are sinking to new depths. Nobody wants to take ownership, and God forbid they claim some of the responsibility for the problems. As we as a nation become more and more agitated and polarized, it’s no wonder our own government wants to ban guns in our nation. It doesn’t take one of those Boston lawyers to figure out that it’s probably not a good idea to push one of those polarized parties too far with a treasure chest of semi-automatic weapons in the closet and a picture of Charlton Heston hanging above the door.

I would say that if most of us had the time to just sit down and read all the bills and political jargon that our lawmakers have to analyze, we would be overwhelmed. I get frustrated when trying to figure out my cellphone contract much less all the provisions of Obamacare! Maybe that class in economics I had back when the national debt was balanced covered a topic that was as confusing as the French language. Lead by confusion it keeps everyone involved off balance.

George Bell
Flowery Branch

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