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Your Views: Permissive new Ga. laws pander to the gun lobby
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As for the Second Amendment allowing people to “keep and bear arms,” the situation today is entirely different from when the first 10 amendments were adopted in 1796. The militia being necessary for the “security of a free state” must have meant to include every able-bodied man owning firearms, which in those days were necessary for providing game for food and protection from wild animals and Indians.

The militia was the forerunner of the National Guard, which along with the standing army provides the “security of a free state” now. However, nothing in our current laws prohibits regular citizens from owning firearms for self-defense, hunting, target practice, etc. Then why does the obstinate NRA and all the other fanatical ultra-conservative factions defend the owning of assault rifles such as the AK-47, other fully automatic guns and clips with high numbers of rounds, and the ability of persons with mental problems and criminal records to purchase weapons since no adequate screening is being required?

Automatic guns and high-numbered rounds are not necessary for self-protection and are illegal for hunting. No one is going to need more than six or so shots to defend themselves. The NRA and the state of Georgia, with its “guns everywhere” law recently enacted by our inept legislature and governor who pandered to the NRA, are serious abettors to the escalating number of murders in our schools.

More and more individuals have increasingly minor motives, such as refusal to accompany one student to a prom. Many motives of killers who committed suicide or were killed by law enforcers were likely to be equally as trivial

There is no even minor motive for the killing of babies and minor children — which appears to be increasing — except that in the mind of a totally depraved person. Standing up to the politically powerful and misguided NRA and repealing our overpermissive gun law would be a start to reducing these senseless homicides. So would the securing of arms from, and closer monitoring by parents, the actions and rantings by their progeny on the Internet, Facebook or whatever.

Jim Scharnagel

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