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Your Views: Penalizing lakefront taxpayers another tax the rich example
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Singling out homeowners that live on the lake is yet another example of the discriminatory practices ongoing, not only in Hall County, but also in America today.

The latest scam is to “tax the rich” by increasing the value of lakefront properties. For the most part, they have only taxed hardworking people. It is a shame that those of us that worked 18-hour days, sacrificed our family times and did without so that we could save for retirement did so only to have greedy politicians find ways to exploit us.

America used to be free and fair to everyone, but that has all but changed today. If we raise the property taxes of lakefront owners then we should also raise the property taxes of all homeowners in Hall County, not single out a select few. Someone needs to tell me who I can tax so I can increase my annual salary and be able to do things I can’t afford today.

I used to believe that you should support the local government and local businesses where you live, but with this increase, I will not spend any more money in Hall County and its businesses. I will take my money to the neighboring counties.

So, Hall County, you will get your increase, but in the long haul you will lose much more. The stupidity of government continues to grow in Hall County. With this increase, Hall County government expects you to serve it and not the county serving the people, as it should be.

Finally, I will remember the people who helped get this passed come election time, and I will do what I can to make sure you are never elected again into any office.

Fred Gehrisch

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