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Your Views: Outrage over Martins slaying doesnt extend to other cases
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All we heard for weeks after the legal shooting of Trayvon Martin was some so-called ministers in Atlanta and elsewhere screaming for justice because they knew before the trial and without ever having attended the trial that Trayvon was murdered.

Where are those ministers now, and all those who were so sure Trayvon was murdered, when teens killed a baby in Brunswick because they were too lazy and sorry to work for their money? Instead they steal from those who work for a living.

Then there was the young couple from Knoxville who were carjacked in 2007 by five animals and both were raped repeatedly and killed.

Come on, you so-called ministers; where is the outrage in these cases? Level the playing field. Silence is all we hear out of you and the president. You talk about racism; it starts in these cases with you ministers and in the White House.

So, Mr. President, you say you want to have an open and honest discussion on race in this country. Let’s get started and quit dragging your feet. I would welcome this discussion with you.

Paul S. Barnes
Flowery Branch

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