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Your Views: Our votes can keep politicians under control
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It must be campaign season. Every time a Hall County commissioner speaks, he will congratulate himself on how well the commissioners are working together, the wonderful projects they are moving ahead and how much money they are saving.

Every time they spend money, they claim the are saving money! That makes a great sound bite but it is just not true. Our Hall County commissioners are out of control. None of the current commissioners deserve to be re-elected.

The good news is there are people running for these offices who will spend our money with care. Please vote for them.

T-SPLOST is also on the upcoming ballot. It was purposely placed there because it was felt it had a better chance of passing in a low turnout election. (This is a sign).

T-SPLOST is a spineless, deceptive and probably unconstitutional way for the state to pass the largest tax increase ever. Approving T-SPLOST is only rewarding our state government for bad planning, bad project management and wasteful spending. It will not solve our traffic problems.

Across all political offices the election of people who like to spend our money has to stop. Local elections are the place to start controlling government. If you do not vote, government spending will go up and up and up. Your vote can make a difference.

Bill Oberholtzer