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Your Views: Our patriotic past should be celebrated
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On Thursday, July 4, we had planned on attending a cookout and watching the fireworks. It was rained out. As a result, I watched the movie “Yankee Doodle Dandy,” starring Jimmy Cagney.

The movie was a biography of George M. Cohan. Although I am sure that some literary license was taken with the screenplay, this movie depicts the patriotism that was a part of my life as a child and young adult. It is sad that recent generations have little or no knowledge of World Wars I or II, and the sacrifices millions of Americans made to make the world a safer place.

On June 29, 1936, President Franklin D. Roosevelt presented Cohan with the Congressional Gold Medal for his contributions to World War I morale, in particular the songs “You’re a Grand Old Flag,” and “Over There.”

What is really regrettable is that the politicians in Washington, starting with the president, consistently display a lack of respect for our heritage and the patriotism displayed by millions that made this country great. President Barack Obama made a comment that we cannot go back to the ways of the 1950s and 1960s. For many of us, it is a great time to remember.

Unfortunately, our children and grandchildren will never have that opportunity.

Roger J. Futrell


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