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Your Views: Our children, and our future, will be better off if they attend school
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“What is one of the most important parts of everyone’s life?” I asked myself. It’s the knowledge we have that enables us to create, explore and challenge not only our own minds but others as well. That knowledge we achieve through education. I believe it is in the best interest of every person in America to have an education.

I believe that mandatory schooling up to high school should be a part of everyone’s concern. It seems that various parts of the country feel it could be achieved by home schooling. That means there will be a larger number of children that will not know even the basics of elementary school. There will be those who are unable to read, write or understand the principles of what an education provides.

The future generation is in our hands. They do not have to begin their lives with less than we had when we attended school everyday. All children from age 6 were expected to be in a classroom and because we had the support from parents and school board officials and for that reason our lives are better as adults.

Administrators of schools and state representatives need to support mandatory classroom education. That is the only way the next generation will be better than ours. This means every child required to attend a public or private school.

Judy Manke


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