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Your Views: Oppose regional government; say no to transportation sales tax
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While I'm in agreement transportation needs improvement, I am against the regional transportation sales tax for two reasons, mainly.

It is a regressive tax against the low income, fixed income and other poor. The poor have no disposal income; every penny they get is spent on living. A 1 percent sales tax takes a loaf of bread a week out of the mouth of a poor child.

The other problem I have with the T-SPLOST is it leads to regional government, thereby crushing local county home rule. It would be a regional government that is not chartered by the state constitution to abide by certain rules and laws.

There are no rules or laws pertaining to the regions in the state. It is not chartered as a government entity and there are no elected representatives on a region level. The regions also are not balanced by population numbers as the larger counties have sway over the smaller counties in sheer number of voters.

A vote against the 1 percent tax is also a vote against regional government.

Mike Sims

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