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Your Views: Obamas push for tyranny is a right-wing plan
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Regarding Thomas Day’s recent letter, I wonder if he expects readers to buy what he’s selling. Day speaks of tyranny, saying President Barack Obama has “come closer to establishing tyranny in the United States than at any other time in our history.”

This might actually be true, but not in the context Day intends. He would have us believe Obama is a tyrannical liberal, but he can only accomplish this by redefining what it means to be conservative. President George W. Bush used the veto three times more often than Obama, yet Day never accused Bush of tyranny.

Obama is not the progressive leader Democrats voted for. When measured by the criteria of foreign policy and critical domestic policy, we find the following:

In terms of foreign policy, Obama failed to close Guantanamo; chose not to investigate or prosecute allegations of torture of POWs; continued to use extraordinary rendition to interrogate POWs; didn’t shorten the Iraq War; sought an extension of that war with a new Status Of Forces agreement; used proxy wars to escalate the regime change agenda of the Bush Administration against Yemen, Libya, Ukraine and Syria; expanded use of the CIA drone missile assassination program; and continued the Bush Administration policy of unilaterally protecting Israel at the United Nations.

Obama failed to stop Israeli war crimes, including land expropriation, demolition of Palestinian homes, and settlement construction in occupied territory that violates Geneva Conventions.

Regarding domestic policy, Obama failed to end tax cuts for the rich, enacted extraordinarily weak reforms to reign in Wall Street, failed to protect homeowners facing job losses and mortgage foreclosure, and vastly expanded NSA surveillance of the communications of American citizens. In addition, Obama failed to act to protect union contract agreements, worker’s rights, voter’s rights and women’s reproductive rights.

Most importantly, Obama failed to implement universal health care, signing instead legislation forcing every U.S. citizen to buy private health insurance from for-profit companies. This law is based on a 1993 republican proposal, and is almost the exact opposite of the universal model used by Britain, Canada and Europe. It is an end-run around universal health care.

Further, both Obama and Bush have gone to extremes to arrest or silence whistleblowers like UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter, Ambassador Joe Wilson, PFC Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and NSA contract employee Edward Snowden. Even now, Obama is trying to have Assange and Snowden arrested.

Liberal? Hardly. Using almost any measure, Obama is more conservative than Republican presidents George H.W. Bush, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. In spite of this, Day and others use small-ball politics to misdirect reader’s focus onto what amounts to tidbits and scraps designed to placate democrats and keep them quiet while Obama completes the unfinished conservative agenda of the previous administration.

The real tyranny here is a right-wing conspiracy of neocons using mainstream media to fool and manipulate the public into believing Obama is a liberal. He never was. I’m not buying it and you shouldn’t either.

Bruce Vandiver

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