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Your Views: Obamas place in history set by legacy of lies
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As I survey the political landscape, I see what an unmitigated mess our country is in. I keep saying to myself this is all a terrible nightmare. Unfortunately, it is not a nightmare but reality.

I find it incomprehensible that the very people who are asking us to trust them are the very ones who have been lying to us with their every breath. We have a president who has told us, “don’t listen to talk shows, bloggers, etc.” but implies that he is the source of untainted truth. Really! For several reasons I don’t feel comfortable with President Barack Obama being my source of truth.

Let’s look at his record:

Remember Benghazi, just an “anti-Islamic movie;” he will “cut the debt in half in my first term or I will not run for a second,” but it’s now $17 trillion and counting; with Obamacare, your premiums will decrease $2,500, and you can keep your doctor and insurance; the IRS fiasco was just a couple of good old boys somewhere in Ohio; democracy will emerge from the Arab Spring; Bashir Assad will have to go; and he partnered us with a murdering thug, Vladimir Putin, to save face in Syria but ignored the slaughter of 100,000 plus people.

The actual list would go to infinity.

He says he is going to re-establish trust in government. Trust is a fragile plant and will not flourish when watered with lies. In his campaign he stated, on more than several occasions, he was going to “fundamentally change this country,” i.e., destroy it. This “change” has been ably assisted by his Democrat stooges and big spenders who have not mastered the science of complex mathematics, adding and subtracting.

I believe he has an agenda that supposedly will create a paradise for the unwashed masses, meaning equal misery for everyone. It’s called socialism.

History will tell a very different story. It will show this man was and is driven by an ideology and love of self, not love of country. Obama’s legacy will be big money cronyism, rampant corruption, unbridled lawlessness and a more dangerous world.

Obama constantly says he is the champion of the middle class, whatever that is. But the facts shout loudly otherwise. He has and will continue to harm all the people in our great nation.

His blatant refusal to talk and negotiate with the Republicans sends a message that some 50 million voters should have no say in the affairs of our country. What happened to “no red states and no blue states?”

I wish I could praise this man for all the right reasons because he is our president. Every citizen should be able to climb into bed each night with the assurance their country is in the hands of capable and honest people who are worthy of their trust.

Sadly, this is not the case with Mr. Obama: “Every way of man seems right in his own eyes.”

Gary Gambrell

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