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Your Views: Obamas failures should lead GOP to impeach him
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As a progressive Democrat, I’m sick of President Barack Obama. I’m not talking about the promise of what he might have been, but the reality of what he actually is. Five years of observation and disappointment have led me to conclude we were fooled or suckered into electing a man who has proven to be the second coming of G.W. Bush.

Let’s look at foreign policy. Everything Bush was doing in the Mideast, Obama is still doing today, only at an accelerated pace. Bush toppled the governments of Afghanistan and Iraq and called it regime change. After Bush, and sick of the lies used to justify war against Iraq, Americans voted for change. Didn’t get it, did we?

Since gaining office on a promise of change, Obama has continued Bush’s Mideast policy, only he decided to rename it “political transition.” In his effort to complete Bush’s unfinished agenda, Obama has switched from using military force as a primary tool to covert and clandestine activity, including manipulation of the economy and CIA support and funding for mercenary militias to topple governments in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Libya.

Worse yet, Obama continues to support opposition groups and militias in Syria, Ukraine and Venezuela, and calls for removal of Assad in Syria and Yanukovych in Ukraine. The gambit Obama is playing in Syria and Ukraine could start World War III.

We didn’t vote for this. To be clear, we never voted for this. Meanwhile, Obama has given Democrats endless opportunities to defend his birth certificate and bread crumbs like Obamacare (that doesn’t work) and pronouncements on gay rights and the minimum wage that are designed primarily to keep us regimented, placate us and keep us quiet while he and his neocon minders complete Bush’s unfinished regime change agenda.

Obama gives us bread and circuses and repeatedly tells us change has come to America, but that’s just a manipulative lie. We’ve been fooled, played and betrayed by a neocon poser. Considering the above, and in light of Obama’s unconstitutional NSA spy program that collects data on the communications of every American, I have to ask: Why won’t Republicans impeach him?

Sure, Republicans talk loudly about Obama’s crimes and some even suggest red states might secede from the Union, but apparently impeachment is out of the question, even though the case against Obama is far superior (and much more threatening to the foundations of freedom and democracy) than anything they ever charged Bill Clinton with.

Oddly, instead of impeaching Obama, Republicans are now talking about impeaching his attorney general Eric Holder. Here’s an idea, guys: Start at the top. If you have a problem with Holder, the buck stops at Obama’s desk.

This is an opportunity for Republicans to show their true colors. Stand for the Constitution, stop defending Obama’s NSA spy program and file articles of impeachment against Obama, or sit down and shut up because the public will understand henceforth Obama is working for Republicans and has been all along.

Bruce Vandiver

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