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Your Views: Obama voters, dont cry when your jobs go overseas
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Four more years of the same old, same old, except you will see rising taxes, gas prices, food prices and consumer goods prices. There is no sense in stressing out over this debacle since the majority must like socialism and a welfare state like the Soviet Union.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said on television that Barack Obama deserved to be re-elected; well, explain that one to me. So live with it, all you who are stressed out.

A man told me that those who voted for Obama are like a string of Christmas tree lights: Half of them don’t work; the rest are not very bright, and they all hang together. Now that hits the nail on the head.

Just look at the businesses that have and will cut their workforce in order to cut the cost of Obamacare. Those companies who have money will definitely not be hiring. In four years, you will not recognize this country as the most prosperous and hardworking folks on the Earth. Wait until a bill is sent to the House to allow a third term.

So don’t you folks who voted for the president cry when your job and those of your children or relatives are cut or eliminated or your company closes and moves overseas.

Have a nice four more years.

Paul S. Barnes
Flowery Branch

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