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Your Views: Obama listens to radicals while he fails to defend real heroes
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It’s become clear to me, if not to many others, the hypocrisy of our president and his entire administration.

I’m appalled at Barack Obama’s daily deviations from the truth in the many times he addresses the American people on our current state of affairs. He has enlisted every known radical he could find to fill positions in his administration except one: How could he have over looked “Hanoi Jane” Fonda?

Tim Geithner is our secretary of treasury who, by the way, is behind on paying thousands of dollars in unpaid federal income tax. You try not paying your taxes and its jail.

Our union workers in America constitute about 9 percent of our total population but Obama answers to the corrupt leaders of our labor unions, who by the way, hold more sway with our president than the other 91 percent of us.

Lately President Obama has been publicly taking the bows for as he puts it, “getting Bin Laden.” Here’s the truth: Osama Bin Ladem was tracked down and located through a CIA intelligence system put in place by former President George W. Bush and through the efforts of well trained CIA operatives. Earlier in the year, these same heroes were being subjected to great scrutiny by Obama and his gang of “politically correct” hoodlums for employing “unacceptable” interrogation methods to extract needed information from captured terrorist.

The Navy Seal Team that actually did take down Bin Laden was staffed by the same young men who earlier this year, were being threatened with criminal prosecution for punching out one of the radical Muslim murders.

It’s odd to me how much is made of any acts by our military against these terrorists by our “far left” media but little or nothing is ever said about the murdering and slaughtering of our brave and honorable young men and women who faithfully serve, sacrifice, suffer and die for their country. Meanwhile, our “community organizing” president apologizes for America and grovels at the feet of our enemies while throwing our most staunch ally, Israel, under the bus.

I say this to our president and all our “elite” politicians: In my humble opinion, you all are hypocrites of the highest order and you make me ashamed and sick to my stomach. It will be my distinct pleasure in November to cast my vote against Obama and in due time help throw out all the “vermin” he employs. I pray all of you will do likewise.

Mickey Montgomery

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