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Your Views: Obama did nothing over Libyan attacks, turns his back on God
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We are now only a couple of weeks away from a presidential election that I firmly believe will define whether we continue to live our lives as a free people or cease to enjoy the blessings of an almighty God that bestowed upon America the rights we’ve had since our forefathers established our republic.

We elected to office in 2008 an individual that many hoped would be the fulfillment of a bright new era for America. After four years of President Barack Obama’s lies, failed promises and failed policies, his staunch support for the murdering of millions of innocent babies, his support for same-sex marriages and his incessant groveling at the feet of our enemies while he throws what few friends we may still have under the bus, it’s beyond my comprehension how anyone can still not see the truth about this man and know that he is not a friend to the American people.

Obama makes a great case for religious freedom while he encourages the total censorship of any mention of Christian faith; no prayer is to be offered, no Bible Scripture is to be read in our public schools or any public facility or function. He openly opines over the supposed plight of the Muslim people while he persecutes Christians.

We recently had attacks on our fellow Americans in the Middle East; one was an ambassador to Libya. Lives were lost. Obama did nothing. He didn’t even publicly acknowledge it for days; he was busy campaigning for re-election.

Many in our nation will tell you that an almighty God is just the figment of our imagination; this life is all there is. As a Christian, I can state to you, emphatically, there is an almighty God who watches over the affairs of men and nations. If we as Americans don’t come to our senses, God will withdraw His blessings on America.

In electing this “monster” president, and if we re-elect him, we have signed a pact with the devil. God will surely judge America. Pray for our nation.

Mickey Montgomery


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