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Your Views: No reason to denigrate Bible
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Just when I thought I’d heard it all, I read Henry Loggins’ opinion (Your Views, Feb. 8) regarding the King James Version of the Bible (a beautiful translation by the way). Silly me; for some reason I thought my eternal destiny was based on other criteria, like whether or not I believed in Jesus Christ.

Are we soon to have letters to the editor singing the praises of the Geneva Bible, 1560, the Coverdale Bible, 1535, Tyndale’s Bible, 1526 or John Wycliffe’s Bible. Wycliffe’s was the first Bible in English in 1384, wow, that’s 227 years better than KJV 1611. Shouldn’t that be the one we sing the praises of? Maybe we should go back even farther to the Vulgate, circa 400 AD.

What an insult to the Biblical scholars that spend years of their lives studying Old Testament Hebrew and New Testament Greek to have someone denigrate their work by suggesting an alliance with Satan. As a reader of the New International Version for 35 years, I have one thing to say to Mr. Loggins: The difference between us is this; I won’t be surprised when I see you in heaven.

Don Vining

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