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Your Views: No conspiracy in airplane contrails; just condensation
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In response to the article in The Times titled, “Are we geoengineering?” on Aug. 26, I am coming clean on the truth of the matter.

I am a retired pilot, with a major airline for 30 years, and we have finally been discovered for the secrecy and highly classified operation, “Chemtrails Over America.” I am surprised that it took so long for an intelligent populace to recognize what we have been doing for the last two decades.

One needs only to look skyward on a beautiful clear day and see the many patterns in the sky we spread out when the order from the CIA to spray prints out our dispatch release. Many pilots are reluctant to carry out the mission when the order goes out and sick leave and cancellations of flights are numerous.

You could lose your job if you refused the flight. The chemicals were loaded and this would result in many delays on that particular day. Ever wonder why your flight was late on a beautiful clear day?

The purpose of these spray patterns was twofold: One was an experiment to control global warming, and the other one was to prevent cosmic rays from the planet Kolab from entering the atmosphere.

Come on, folks! Can’t you find a better use of your time while sitting on your back porch gazing skyward at the lazy contrails, crisscrossing the sky? Maybe you’re drinking the wrong octane.

I have to come clean: The truth of the matter is that they are just contrails. No magic dust, no communist plot, no secret CIA order; it is simply a contrail.

The airliners and jets you see are cruising at very high altitudes, often as high as 50,000 feet. The air is very cold up at these altitudes and temperatures in the wintertime reach as low as 60-below Celsius. There is also moisture in the thin air, even at that altitude, and when the hot gases from the jet exhaust hit that cold air, it condenses the moisture and a cloud forms behind the jet.

These form ice crystals and are composed of the same ice crystals that you see gazing skyward at high cirrus clouds on a clear cold day. There are however, byproducts of combustion, which include CO2, H2O, CO and other hydrocarbons. These dissipate over time as winds in the jet streams can exceed over 100 knots. The minute particulate from these contrails are never a threat to anyone directly below and are probably carried around the globe by the rivers of air that circulate around it.

I would be more concerned living in a large urban area near a major airport where exhaust from diesel and automobiles is far greater than that from the airport. The best way to get rid of the contrails is to go back to the wagon train and get rid of one of man’s greatest technological achievements: the airplane.

Roger Roesler
Flowery Branch

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