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Your Views: New universitys identity is all about North Ga., not Gainesville
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I writing you because I attend Gainesville State College and, as you know, North Georgia College and State University and Gainesville State consolidated to become a new university. I feel that this was a merger, not a consolidation.

I am president of two clubs at the college and we were made to drop the Gainesville college name and change our club names immediately to include the new name.

When the day came for the official consolidation, we were given T-shirts that said North Georgia on it. Nowhere on the shirt was the new name, University of North Georgia. The first set of long-sleeve shirts came with the established date of North Georgia on the sleeve instead of the official date of the new university. North Georgia College also hung posters of its sports team with “North Georgia College” still on their uniforms. You can visit the Gainesville campus and see for yourself.

All announcements come with the attitude attached as the other colleges are now North Georgia. If this was a merger, then I expect this would happen. It is not a merger but a consolidation; therefore it is a new institution.

Come interview students at the other schools to see for yourself. Something must be done so the old North Georgia College does not think it owns the other colleges and have the other colleges that consolidated follow the old North Georgia rules and procedures. Check out who all are on the board of the new institution.

Jerry Gauerke

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