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Your Views: Nation is worse off for repeat of 08 mistake
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There is no way to know who reads the opinion submittals that The Times prints or how they think and what their level of knowledge is. The contributors to this section are “flying blind” but hope our efforts are well-received and possibly beneficial. Perhaps it may be appropriate to provide a very brief resume for the readers.

I am one of comparatively few World War II vets still able to walk around and maintain some semblance of sanity. I appreciate The Times (which is a very good little newspaper that I enjoy) printing some of my observations that I sometimes use to vent frustrations. I do not expect acceptance from all readers, and while being firm in convictions on some issues, I almost hope to be wrong on others.

The U.S. election Nov. 6 left me numb in a state of disbelief. How can the U.S. maintain prominent stature in the world by duplicating the mistake of 2008 and indicating that half of the voters risk our country’s future position of acceptable means in and for our children and grandchildren?

The person that will occupy our White House in Washington for another four years surely exposed prevalent lack of mature thinking and judgment by expressing that since a majority elected him, the U.S. must agree with his “plan.” He must have skipped fourth-year math since the 50 million votes he received was a very slim majority of only those who voted and certainly does not represent a majority of 300 million citizens (which is a terrible fallacy of our system). This is only one example of his idea of cleverness that he expects us to accept without challenge.

This person has vivid imaginations that he emits as facts, and this seems to have become pathological.

I am very deeply concerned that the slim majority of popular votes he received is composed of mainly blacks, Hispanics, unions, single women and young people.

We have no choice but to accept this mistake for another four years provided all of the factions of our U.S. government pursue actions beneficial to all citizens.

Congress also needs very much to improve its 12 percent approval rating.

Let’s hope that unity prevails and the world stops laughing at us. Socialism has never enjoyed continued success in this world!

Clarence Huhman

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