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Your Views: Most Riverside graduates go on to fields other than military
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Thank you to reporter Savannah King for an excellent article on Harrison Summerour, the battalion commander of the Corps of Cadets at Riverside Military Academy. We appreciate the attention to an outstanding young man and the publicity for our school, but I must take issue with the headline of the article, “Leading future soldiers,” which is inaccurate.

Yes, Harrison is certainly a leader and aspires to a military career, but he is not leading future soldiers. In fact, when our graduates leave this campus for college, fully 90 percent of them never wear a uniform again. We employ the military model of education for the benefits of structure, discipline, leadership training and character development — all of which the civilian world cries out for.

It would be a mistake to assume that our mission is to launch military careers, because few of our graduates enter the military. Whether they are interested in the military or not, we welcome young men who want the benefit of a challenging experience and a sound education.

Dr. James H. Benson, Col. (retired) U.S. Marines
President, Riverside Military Academy, Gainesville

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