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Your Views: Morning Wake-Up ministry offers cup of coffee and a smile
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For over a year on the first and third Wednesday mornings of each month, the Wake-Up Wednesday coffee ministry has been offering free coffee, muffins and a smile!

Redwine United Methodist Church is located on Poplar Springs Road in South Hall between two schools where hundreds of cars drive by at the start of each day. It has been a pleasure to greet our neighbors with a wave and a smile, and to serve coffee to those who pulled in to receive this good morning gift. The ministry will end after May.

Our team of volunteers wanted to express our thanks to those who waved, smiled, honked or stopped for coffee. It was our intent to value the simplicity of being friendly, extend an steadfast invitation and to share some kind words while we served coffee.

As the ministry ends, we wanted to offer a final “good morning” to those who round the curve at Redwine United Methodist Church each day. Take our smiles and pass them on!

Cathy Drerup
Flowery Branch

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