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Your Views: More laws cant prevent violent acts from evil hearts
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Our beloved nation once more must take communion from the bread of bitterness and the tea of sorrow. Another name is engraved upon the roll call of evil as Aurora is added to Tucson, Fort Hood, Virginia Tech and Columbine.

Talking heads try to bring order to the chaos by camera shots of bloody survivors shown dozens of times each hour. So called experts opine as to how law might be constructed to preclude such terror which grows among our people. We are told that the guns were legally obtained by one whose mind was perverted enough to conduct this act.

As I have written before, the guns are only the instruments of harm. The weapon of choice used once more was a hand chilled by evil connected to a dark heart.

Such a moment can always grow as a byproduct of our freedom, just as some are free to burn our precious flag as we watch.

The epistle of evil upon us will not be stayed by more laws of man. In each chapter of the epistle, the shooter is already breaking scores of laws without concern. Do we truly think that one more law will deter this continually unfolding scripture of sadness?

As a people, we have come to allow the objectification of violence to remain among us in movies, TV and video games in the hands of our children. As a consequence, perhaps, some few who are already internally unstable see violence as their means of gaining their vengeful place in our national attention. Their plan works well. No realistic immediate remedy will be found in man’s law, no matter how many may be added to our legal books.

The cure still stands on a hill just outside Jerusalem and waits our eyes and hearts to humbly turn eastward. Our cure will remain elusive as long as we continue to wallow within the symptoms and refuse to seek that which will cure the disease.

Michael Hawkins

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