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Your Views: Military heroes are a national treasure to US
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To the families of the courageous men and women who served in the United States military: These veterans; our treasure in earthen vessels, these soldiers left a strong foundation for which we can stand.

We pause to remember that they paid the ultimate price to protect our freedoms of this country, our community and our families. Members of the armed forces served in defense of our nation, guarded our borders and protected our airwaves, that we might have a sense of safety and security. They stood against injustice, so that the quality of life would be lifted and a meaningful standard of life would become evident.

Although these men and women are not here today, the fruits of their labor are forever present. So we shall never forget the men and women, for their service rendered and the sacrifices they made to our country, community and families. In honor of you, the church will call into memory the names of the brave men and women who served this country in both need and action.

Because of them we have a better place to live, work and worship. Children can grow up to be men and women with character and courage. Whatever role they played, occupation performed, we are better off by their coming our way and serving with honor and distinction.

Veterans like vessels come in all sizes, shapes and distinctions, but the common thread is that they came to serve and are now somewhere in eternity and gone, but not forgotten. Thank you.

The Rev. Evelyn Johnson


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