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Your Views: Medical center, insurance provider need to reach deal or patients lose
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Like most North Georgians, I take pride and comfort in the excellence of Gainesville’s hospital and doctors. And as part of a family covered by UnitedHealthCare are insurance, I enjoyed the security of knowing that the coverage we’d purchased would be there for us if the need arose.

Now our access to both the medical care and/or the insurance is compromised because both parties were unable to come to terms on a contract.

The odd part is that they both insist they are fighting it out for me and what’s best for my health care. The hospital says it can’t accept an agreement that harms patients or puts the quality of care at risk. UnitedHealthCare reassures me with the information that they value our relationship and are striving to provide me with continued access to health care.

Well, don’t I feel lucky? Everybody fought for me. You’d think we the patients couldn’t lose with everybody on our side. But, of course, we can. And now we have. Our choice is to lose our convenient hospital, our longtime doctors, our in-network affordability or, if we don’t like those choices, our shirts.

We can only hope that those negotiating will reconsider, re-open negotiations and care enough about us to fight a little less vigorously for us because, in the end, we are the ones with the most to lose.

Patricia A. Kerley

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