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Your Views: Marketing scams by phone, Web can compromise our privacy
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I read about the phone scams in particular that affect older people and think how on earth people decide who to tell what to and how much to tell.

Marketers on the phones are truly gifted at making one think that what they need is important and that you must comply or suffer dire results. We no longer donate to the symphony, give to PBS because they never quit calling, and even worse, your name and number is given to others.

It appears that even on the Internet, the aim is to search out what you believe is privileged personal information. And if by chance you try to purchase something, they will not let the transaction go through unless you give your email address.

ven the mail you receive at home is covered with every possibility under the sun to get you to open an envelope that is nothing but a sales pitch.

Life is tough and these things don’t help.

Jim Collins

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