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Your Views: Many still dont get it; only bad guys are to blame for their deaths
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In regards to the article in the Jan. 16 paper “Coming together,” people still don’t get it. The death of Michael Brown was only preventable by Michael Brown. No one forced him to rob the store, assault the clerk, and then resist arrest by fighting with the police officer trying to get his gun.

Police officers receive training called “defensive tactics” to know how to defend themselves when attacked. In these classes, they are taught what to do when a larger opponent is trying to get their weapon. Understand there are statistics as to what happens when the bad guy gets the weapon. I don’t remember the number but it was very high that says if the bad guy gets the weapon it will probably be used against the officer.

My training was to maintain control of my weapon and shoot if need to be. In this case, the officer and Brown were in a struggle for the weapon; therefore the officer had little choice to fire the weapon.

It might be that if bad guys would surrender, officers would not have to defend themselves. It doesn’t make any difference of the color of the skin when someone is fighting for their life. The public should be educated on the duties of an officer and what consequences the bad guy could suffer by resisting arrest.

Changing the curriculum in the academy should be looked at, also. There are bad people in all types of occupations, including law enforcement, but don’t judge all by them.

Lawrence Lewis

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