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Your Views: Many reasons for no vote on sales tax
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Ten reasons to vote “no” on T-SPLOST

1. This will be the largest tax increase in the history of the state of Georgia. The tax represents $16 billion to $19 billion.

2. This will cause hardships on working families, retired people on fixed income, people living paycheck to paycheck and the unemployed.

3. Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers, opposes the tax and feels most of the money wouldn’t help solve traffic congestion in the metropolitan area.

4. John Reed, living in Hall County and retired from the Department of Transportation believes “the priorities of the roads are out of order” and will not support the tax (reported by The Times).

5. Sixteen to $19 billion is equivalent to adding a cost of 25 cents to each gallon of gas, which is completely out of line to ask people to pay.

6. People supporting this referendum are asking for too much money at the wrong time. As reported in The Times July 5, “Economists predict higher joblessness through 2015.”

7. This is a transportation tax, but motor fuel is exempt from the tax. If this is such a good idea, then people using the roads the most should help in paying for the new tax.

8. By taking $16 to $19 billion away from people in Georgia, their spendable cash will be reduced, therefore affecting business growth in a negative way.

9. The statement on the ballot that is inserted ahead of the actual referendum, if not illegal, is certainly unethical. You will see that is was printed in bigger and darker print than the referendum. This statement should not have been included unless the hardships listed about (Item No. 2) were also going to be included. I believe all the people want is a fair playing field to decide this referendum.

10. Starting in 2013, we are going to see additional taxes and fees from the federal government. At some point, our state government must see that people in Georgia can not be burdened with additional taxes and must find ways to reduce the taxes instead of increasing them

Frank Goodson

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