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Your Views: Local voters have control over fixing traffic ails, unsafe roads
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As a lifelong conservative, it is hard for me to support any tax increase. But as a lifelong resident of southern Hall County, I wholeheartedly support the 1-cent T-SPLOST to fund new transportation projects and improvements.

As your readership knows, congestion and unsafe roads don’t just live in Atlanta. They are alive and well in Hall County. Additionally, the answers to my transportation problems shouldn’t live in Atlanta, they should be decided locally.

Our family wastes hours each week that could have been spent together because of crowded roads and intersections. Routine trips to school, the grocery store, etc., have also become dangerous because of impatient drivers speeding through intersections, creating their own turning lanes and not paying attention.

It is also refreshing to see government do what it should have been doing for years: Allowing local decision makers to control money collected in our neighborhoods. The fact that every penny collected will be spent in our region and each project determined by area residents has my family voting “yes.”

Lance Compton
Flowery Branch