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Your Views: Lobbyists gifts to lawmakers are all but bribes
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According to Shakespeare’s Juliet, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Likewise, a bribe by any other name still stinks like a pigpen.

I find it simply reprehensible that our elected state officials even have to think about banning “gifts” from lobbyists. It was bad enough, and, frankly embarrassing, that it had to be put on the ballot last year to gauge public opinion. A gift from a lobbyist (or anyone else) — any kind of gift — is wrong and should be refused. If you “need” their gifts because you’re too destitute to live while performing your duties in Atlanta, then resign.

Whether or not a lobbyist’s gift sways your vote on a particular matter, the fact that a gift was accepted taints the political process and forever leaves the public wondering. It’s not rocket science. For Pete’s sake, just say “no” or go.

Michael Caudell

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