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Your Views: Letter joins chorus of blame US over violence in Middle East
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It appears that Gibson Mano (Sept. 29 Your Views letter) is a chip off the old Obama block in blaming everything that happens in the world on the United States’ actions. His hard and fast assertion that the rioting and killing of our ambassador and staff people in the Middle East was the result of an obscure film that practically no one, even in the U.S., has seen, is the height of gullibility or disdain for his own country (I assume he is an American citizen).

How would he explain how hundreds of thousands of rioters in several countries all became aware of the film at one time without someone coordinating the effort? I guess he is following his president’s example, to this day, of refusing to accept or use the word terrorist in describing the origin of the actions taken, even though that country’s representative stated in unequivocal terms that it was a terroristic action and not the result of the film, verified even by the president’s staff after a weeks time.

I would hate to be a U.S. ambassador to any current Middle East country with my president practically groveling in apology for America’s actions, resulting in these killings!

In Mr. Mano’s opinion, the United States’ “actions and rhetoric have immensely contributed to this sour relationship.” We are also egocentric to think they “hate us and wish us death.”

When I read passages from the Muslim Quran that give me two choices — either to accept their religion or die, or to accept Dhimminitude, where I am required to pay the Muslim community just to exist there in a minority role — hate certainly comes much closer to describing their feelings than love.

We have observed nothing to date but a conciliatory, apologetic, partisan approach by President Barack Obama toward the Muslim countries. How has that worked for us?

Monte E. Seehorn

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