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Your Views: Legislators failed to protect us by expanding gun rights
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Now that our state legislators have let the 2013 session end without managing to agree on vital corrections in our gun laws, I hope they can sleep at night after the next campus robbery turns into a murder or an entire church congregation is similarly victimized.

To make matters even worse, constant news media mention of the fact that church and campus carry are illegal (at least to those who obey the law) has given thugs a fresh reminder of the fact that churchgoers and students remain vulnerable. It even points out that, in addition to invading the church, bad guys can simply break into the cars where law-abiding folks have left their guns during services.

This reminds me of the Luby’s Cafeteria slaughter, a notorious Texas mass shooting that took place while restaurant carry was outlawed. The law was eventually changed, thanks to the efforts of a woman who had lawfully left her gun in her car and then had to watch her own parents be murdered by the gunman.

While wondering why our state government thinks it has the right to infringe on our Second Amendment rights in churches and at private colleges, I am equally puzzled as to whether our legislators’ failure to act was an attempt to pacify unknown forces or simply passing the buck. Either way, the blood will still be on their hands.

Michelle Crawford

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