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Your Views: Law to limit slowpokes in left lane a good idea, not weird
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In reference to Dick Yarbrough’s comment about “left-lane lollygaggers:” Mr. Yarbrough, I want to start off by saying your article was a bit hard to follow because you were going off on a tangent about state reps passing what you call “weird laws.”

If you have ever had to travel on Interstate 20 from Conyers to Atlanta and had to follow drivers who are in the left lane going the speed limit or less, and there is no one in the right lane, you would understand.

The left lane is for passing, and there are numerous states that have the very same law in place. In fact, in Germany, plain unmarked vehicles operated by the German police will pull you over as well and ticket you for loitering in the left lane.

If someone wants to risk driving 90 miles an hour, let them. We don’t need the “self-ordained” cops out there holding up traffic by staying in the left lane, most of the time in rhythm with drivers in the right lane and blocking traffic. It is also for the first responders to pass if they are responding to an emergency.

Mr. Yarbrough, you may think that this is a “weird law,” but it actually makes good sense.

Thomas Harrington

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