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Your Views: Kindness of little big man counters world of bad news
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I am so tired of picking up the paper or turning on the TV to find no good news, just violence, murder, death and stealing. I just hope each time to hear something good. Please forgive me for “tooting my on horn” but I’ve learned if you don’t, nobody else will.

My grandson is 7 years old and in first grade in another county. He is very sensitive to the needs of others and helps when he can. Last Friday, he was in the cafeteria of his school eating lunch, when a little girl dropped her tray and started crying. He went to her and hugged her and said “It is OK. Don’t cry. It happens all the time” to which he helped her pick up her tray, and then gave her another big hug.

He felt good about himself after doing this good deed. His mommy is the school nurse, so a “little bird” got to her and told her what he did. We all told him we are very proud of him.

Then Saturday night, he was with us at a skating rink and a little girl learning to skate kept falling and every time it was him who helped her up. He told her, “Don’t worry about it. We all fell when we was learning.”

We are very thankful for this “little big man” God has given us. It is refreshing to know that respect of self and others and love and consideration is still being taught and practiced.

Dora Sumner

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