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Your Views: Its time we all cracked down on texting behind the wheel
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Your June 10 article addressing the problem of texting while driving followed up a discussion of that issue my husband and I were having that day as we drove through Hall and Gwinnett counties. And it certainly is a growing problem among not only teens but adults as well.

No fewer than three times that day on Interstates 985 and 85 did we have a vehicle fail to maintain its lane, drift over into ours and miss us only because my husband was able to honk the horn and luckily move our car to the left or right to avoid a collision.

On each occasion the offending vehicle was operated by someone who was texting and not paying attention to the road — and in all three cases, it was an adult behind the wheel. It surprised us that the verdict for the teen who was convicted of texting while driving had just come down, drawing attention to this growing problem, yet people are still oblivious while driving.

Do people not realize that an automobile can be a deadly weapon and requires one’s full attention to operate responsibly? Or do they just not care that their inattentiveness behind the wheel could harm or kill themselves or other motorists?

What kind of text is so important that it can’t wait until you reach your destination or until you can pull over safely if its an emergency? There simply seems to be no concern for others on the roadways anymore unless, of course, something tragic were to happen and then everyone becomes an activist.

I would like to see our local sheriff’s office, police department and state patrol really begin enforcing the ban on texting while driving. A simple drive down I-985 in an unmarked car would surprise them. I realize that bulk of citations issued are likely for speeding, but texting while driving is equally as dangerous.

Let’s all do our part to correct this before we have to bury any family members or friends. Let’s act on it before another tragedy occurs.

Kristi Robertson
Flowery Branch

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