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Your Views: Its easy to find experts who will contradict science
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From his Oct. 18 letter, W.T. Hinds’ intelligence and education seem to be considerably higher but his prejudiced thinking and disdain for science are on a par with those of Rep. Paul Broun (regrettably from Georgia).

If you look hard enough, it is entirely possible that you can find an authority on any subject who will contradict the ideas or findings of the body of expertise on that subject, or whose statements can be construed to that affect. That is exactly what Hinds did in citing Massachusetts Institute of Technology climate scientist Richard Lindzen.

The doubters of global warming choose to ignore the current melting of mountain glaciers, causing sea level to rise twice as fast as it did a few decades ago. The Greenland ice sheet has already started melting in summer and parts of western Antarctica’s ice sheet are being undermined by a warming ocean.

If there is no global warming and scientists and governments know this, then what would be the purpose of reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and becoming a “carbonless society?” While at present biofuels may be cheapest, great strides are being made in developing cheaper alternative sources of energy such as solar, wind, nuclear and others.

Hinds’ claim that warming and controlling emissions is “political” is inane.

Jim Scharnagel

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